Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Landscape, with acrylics!

This week's theme was 'Landscape'! I have been thinking of deviating from water colours for a while now, just to try out something new and eventually learn to use oil paints. And my friends Sri and Viji as if read my mind!! Just before their post-wedding party they gifted me a brand new set of acrylic paints and brushes! 
Obviously now I had to make this week's painting with my new colours. Except that I had never before used acrylics and had almost zero knowledge about anything to do with them. This was an experiment and though it looks like a five year old's painting, I'm glad I made a start! Also made me realize how different acrylic painting is from water colours. I guess I have to perfect the technique slowly by trying out new things as and when I paint. 
This landscape here is inspired by the art by Leonid Afremov, http://goo.gl/ZfRVa


  1. Nice. I like this one…
    If I attempted, it wouldn't even be half as good as this.