Sunday, April 10, 2016

Self Portrait

The last class was hands down the toughest for me. I am not very good with faces/portraits and guess what the theme for the last class was - self portrait! Of course our teacher did not expect anatomically accurate portraits, more like what you think of yourself to be or what you visualize yourself to be if put on a canvas. I had to start with my favourite colour combination, was like a motivation for me to keep going and not give up :D. To avoid having to paint the face in full, I decided to go for a side profile. But this has definitely inspired me to try a hand on portraits and paints faces more often. 

Sunday, April 3, 2016


The aim of this class was to be able to paint reflections. Although the more difficult part was to paint the transparent glass and still make it look like a glass! I almost gave up at some point while trying to get the glass right. But the outcome wasn't too bad I thought. I have to try and paint more glasses to be confident though. The apple behind the glass was to bring out the "magnified" effect. Another fun evening painting :)!