Tuesday, July 3, 2012

3D magic!

I love coincidences!! This week's theme was decided to be 3D. And what are the odds that HK shares an interesting piece of art just two days before I actually sat down to paint.

This one is not an original idea, it is courtesy http://goo.gl/QvjVE. I loved it when I saw it and couldn't resist trying it out myself. Isn't as 3D as I imagined it to be but sure becomes my post for this week :)!


  1. Awesome be... you know in the original link,all along the perimeter of the hand, the person has added some darker shading to enforce the 3D effect.. is liye uska thoda better hai tere se :P

    Maybe if you feel like trying this again, you can incorporate this shading thingy. Also, instead of hand, try drawing the minimal versions of Ganeshji or Gandhiji:




  2. Thnx Anur...will try the Ganpati! :)