Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Holidays 2018!

Happy new year everyone!
Tried something new this year. Painted this and scanned them into postcards. Turned out pretty cool, Visatprint for the rescue to do the formatting etc.
As for the painting, this is again mixed media with a watercolor backdrop and acrylic trees. I must say this is becoming my favorite kind of painting. 

Wintery Fall

This one was one of my first proper experiments with mixed media. The backdrop is all water colors and the birch and most of the leaves is acrylic. This was made specifically for our dear friends Lubna and Moin as a house warming gift.

It also inspired me to make holiday cards with a similar media combination, coming up next :)!


An entire year has passed without an update! And although I feel bad about it, I have been dabbling with water colors and mixed media quite a bit. Hoping to upload them all soon.
This was one at a Paintnite event and was super fun as Satish came along. He painted for the very first time ever (so he claims) and I must say did a fantastic job.

The media was acrylic and the canvas now sits in the make-shift studio of our new home. Hoping to paint a lot more in 2019!