Sunday, July 13, 2014


Its been a while I sketched with a pencil or a pen, its all mostly been use of paints directly on paper/canvas, as rightly pointed out by mom. This post is hence dedicated for freehand sketches! This is probably my third or fourth art related to ships, I guess I am truly fascinated by them. The one on the left is just a pen freehand with a little bit of pencil use. I definitely should work more on my sketch work, always feels good to go back to where you started.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


My friend HK wanted me to paint with a theme 'addiction'. I thought about it, one aspect of addiction I felt I could represent through colours was its deep-rootedness. I also wanted to show the different phases of addiction through different colours. Addiction implies loss of control and hence the haziness and randomness of colours in the top part of the painting. The theme probably doesn't come across very clearly, so I guess its open for interpretation to the observer :)! I do have another idea in mind for the same theme, should give it a try in my next attempt.