Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Post for this week, with the theme 'Triangles'. 

This time I wanted to stick to just three colours, blue, green and yellow, colours that best describe the summer :)! With an additional tinge of white of course. I guess brush work is not the best and somewhere my lack of patience is exposed too :P. 

Nevertheless another fun night making this! 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


A good friend and I decided to paint something every week starting 18th June 2012, with a theme decided by either of us. This one is the first in that series. The theme 'Red' was suggested by my friend this week. Only when I got to it did I realize that I was going to have to use crimson instead because I didn't have the colour red in my collection! The output was strictly OK but it sure was fun doing it since I started with absolutely no plan and actually ended up with something :)..thanks Rohan!



This one on the left just shows what happens when you are really out of touch! This was done after almost an year and I feel terrible about it...

The one on the right is recent, done with crayons and a result of a bad and tiring day. Just wanted to scribble with colours and thats exactly what I did! This was a painting (don't know the exact source) shared by one of my friends Harpreet and she wanted me to paint this for her. Haven't gotten to do that yet but I should probably show this to her in the meantime :P.




These are again inspired by pictures and drawings off the web. 
The one on the left was made in March 2010, again after a gap of almost five months and the output very well shows it!! 
The one on the right was a painting I made for my mom for her birthday in 2010. I took a picture and sent it to her through email. Last year when we met I gave her the actual painting on 1st September 2011 which happened to be her 60th birthday :)! 

Pictures on paper!

Golden gate bridge!

These were made in 2009. 

The one on the left is a photograph taken by one of my photographer friends Karthick. Hasn't come out like his picture really but gave me a new idea of water to paint!

The one on the right is again a photograph of the Golden gate bridge, inspired by http://goo.gl/11yt8. I visited San Francisco that summer and the bridge was truly one of the most magnificent architectures I had ever seen before! Trying to put it on paper was fun...

Abstract - Shades and lines!

My first few attempts at abstract art.
The one on the left was my very first trial at something from top of my head. Exposes a lot of shabbiness in my painting but was a new experience indeed! It still loyally remains the screensaver on my very first laptop :).

The one on the right is one of the few that have no background or story or reference to it. I have always been fascinated by shapes, line and of course colours. Just a mixture of all of it :)!

Notice how my choice of colours and the fact that I use almost every colour possible hasn't changed all these years :P.

A farewell gift!

This was made back in 2008 just before I left for Canada! It was a gift for my colleagues and friends who were a big part of my daily life then and don't cease to be a part of my life even now. Miss those days...

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


It's been a while since I wrote and updated my blog. Patience was always something that didn't come easily to me and I guess I am not patient enough to write! Since I am trying to now paint/draw/sketch regularly, I guess updating my blog with these would at least keep it alive :)! And yes I will be motivated to keep painting.

This was done almost after a six month's gap. And turned out to be one of my favourites so far! It's a photograph taken off the web, just reproduced. I should be careful to preserve the original work henceforth to be able to acknowledge it.