Sunday, March 27, 2016


The following class was abstract painting. After a little theory about composition and colour, we were literally told to paint whatever comes to mind. I started with the warm colour combination, the one on the left. When I reached a point, Guy, our teacher, told me to leave the blank space as is. He thought it adds to the abstract effect. I moved on to another canvas, this time with cool colours, the one on the right. You can probably tell that I got lost at some point in time. I came home and finished this one up later. 

Sunday, March 20, 2016


This was probably the hardest thing I had painted until that day. We were asked to bring a tiny, preferably natural object and blow it up on the canvas. The idea was to be able to give attention to detail and bring out the smallest of features on the canvas. This was a conch kept on my wooden desk. It was quite a lesson to realize the different colours just squinting of the eyes can bring out. But was super fun painting the hidden crevices and the spherical part. 

Sunday, March 13, 2016


I finally sowed the seed for oil painting! I knew that the only way to pick up oil paints was to join some sort of a formal class. I stumbled upon a continuing education course with Emory here in Atlanta and was happy to see a 'Beginner's Oil Painting' class listed. Its been two classes so far and the best part about it has been coming home with a painted canvas :), I'm glad I took it up. We started with black and white still life and then moved onto colour theory. Its super fun to paint with other amateurs and to be guided by a fantastic teacher, Guy Robinson. Looking forward to the remaining classes and some more art...