Thursday, August 27, 2009

And here I am....

Its 27th August'09 today and what a day to write my next blog. Exactly an year ago at this time i was busy getting ready to go. My flight was at 1 am and there were relatives, friends to see me off. I was all excited, anxious more i guess! I hopped onto the flight to stay away from home for this long first time ever in my life. I didn't think that way at that time but i surely felt a pit in my stomach the moment i got my luggage off the belt at the Toronto airport and was all alone in an unknown place, unknown country. I don't mean to sound all dramatic but thats how i felt. And there i was, all ready to take on this new life. I did feel homesick many a times, even now sometimes i think i should be home at that very moment but hey isn't it obvious considering i have always been with my family all my life!

Coming to think of the one year i spent here, it does seem shorter than it is. Time has swept by in a flash. I started cooking, which by the way was never my forte. And then so many other things that i did 'for the first time'. Masters has been interesting so far. And now that i know that i'm going to be here longer than i thought i would with my PhD, i think i've slipped into a comfort zone. Weird maybe but i'm getting used to this place thinking in hindsight that i have a long association with this place.Work is amazing, acts as an incentive to be here!

Its been an year and have seen all the seasons now all throughout the year. Just when i had almost arrived at a conclusion that 'Canada can never be hot', the weather showed its new face. Just for a week or so, but the heat and humidity made me forget that it snows here for like 5 months. The green surroundings would soon be laden with snow. And it'll be time for the snow sports! Things have changed and we just get used to this change. The definition of an outing has changed, the friend circle has changed, the eating habits have changed, change in attitudes and the list goes on.

I guess this has been the most dynamic year of all the years i can think of now. Just looking forward to more fun, more work, and many more things to look forward too!!

And after putting all the random stuff in this blog, here i am....


  1. dont want to disappoint you soe here gos:
    "ABE BLOG!!"

  2. Amazing blog...!!! Wish you a more eventful and adventurous year ahead.

  3. Ooh, that's a nice snapshot of one year!

    P.S. Didnt realize you use your acronym SAL to post here until now. :)

  4. Nice blog leelee, a happy one full of eagerness to live every moment to the fullest! May you do so. Amen ;)