Sunday, April 2, 2017

Tahitian Sunset

A proper acrylic landscape canvas painting finally! Thanks to Paintnite and the artist Maci C. This was my first time to a Paintnite event and it sure was fun. Although I wasn't drinking while painting like most of the bunch there (as I drove to the event), I did enjoy the company :).

The experience certainly boosted my confidence to make canvas size acrylic paintings. Mixing of colours is actually super easy as the colours don't dry as quickly as water colours. The sky didn't come out quite as I thought it would. I was happy with the sunset and the water though. I think I should try a mixed media painting next. Stay tuned :)!


  1. Too long a gap, Lele in the updates.
    I love the sunset aspect of the painting too.
    But I also loved the thundering sky
    It gives a feeling of a distant storm approaching the sunset
    Keep at it
    Awaiting more updates ☺

    1. Thanks HK! I know I need to keep at it regularly. Will try :).

  2. I kinda like the imperfections in the sky more than the perfect horizon out there!

    1. Thanks K! Yea we threw in a lot of colors there to give it a stormy look.