Thursday, May 30, 2013

Experiments with palette knife

I have been watching videos for palette knife painting ( and wanted to experiment since a while now. Yesterday finally I did it with little success. Clearly a regular acrylic paper is not good enough for palette knives. My next attempt would mostly be on a proper canvas or a wooden board. Anyway, I started first with the tulips, trying to paint from a card my friend Aditi sent me last spring with a picture of tulips from her backyard. The paint wouldn't stay on paper and hence the smudgy output. I then tried something where I could use some strokes and use up the excess color :D, and so the martini glasses. Hopefully my next attempt with a palette knife will be much better.


  1. Don't lose hope... I have started experimenting with the palette knife on canvas board and all it really takes is some wrist work :) start with figures with lesser details to get the hang of it.

    1. Thanks Deeksha...will keep that in mind :)!

  2. Loved the colours and the pattern in the martini glasses painting! Is it just me or do your paintings really have that soothing effect? Keep it up!!!